Top 6 Restaurants You Should Visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the great cities in the world with its spectacular castle, medieval charm and fascinating history. The amazing Old World ambiance, however, sometimes overshadows Edinburgh’s excellent contemporary dining scene.
While Edinburgh is much smaller than London, it has an impressive menu of world-class restaurants for a city its size.
So, the next time you’re on a golf trip and spending time in Edinburgh, check out these 8 restaurants:  
Stac Polly – Established in 1990, the Dublin Street restaurant is made up of a labyrinth of authentic rough stonewall cellars, which help to create a relaxed atmosphere. The extraordinary selection of whiskies are a perfect way to round off your evening. (Click here for website)
Stac Polly

The Kweilin- It has an outstanding variety of traditional Cantonese dishes available on a fixed price menu. If you’re tired of fish & chips or haggis, the Kweilin will satisfy your appetite for something a little different. (Click here for website

Fishers In The City- Highly recommended for fish lovers, this place oozes with imagination and creativity. Here, you’ll find stir-fry, grilled scallops with chorizo, grilled oysters and much more. (Click here for website)   
Fishers In the City
Balmoral Hotel- Simply put, the Balmoral Hotel exudes class and sophistication. If you’re looking for the “high end” Scottish hospitality experience, the Balmoral is a must. The formal and elegant No. 1 restaurant is perfect for those looking to experience the Victorian era with modern cuisine. Hardrian’s restaurant is less formal but an ideal spot to enjoy a nice contemporary style meal. NB’s sports bar is a fun-filled, lively place to grab a pint and enjoy comfort food in a casual setting. (Click here for website)
The Balmoral Hotel
Champany Inn- Set in a small cluster of stone buildings dating back to the 16th century; the Champany Inn is known as the “best steakhouse in Britain”. This restaurant is a carnivores dream with its succulent steaks and delicious side dishes. (Click here for website
Champany Inn
The Witchery- Known as the Witchery at The Castle, this is one of Edinburgh’s most famous dining spots where the movers and shakers congregate. It’s celebrated for its superb seafood, which includes Scottish lobsters, rock oysters and hot smoked salmon as well as Angus beef, lamb and game. (click here for website)
The Witchery

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